there is me and

there is you  there are neither

there is only you  it

is only me




poem for my life’s strangers:


for the love of strangers

and the rest of history’s neighbors…

the love between strangers

and the strangers from love,

(for my vacant moments

my unaccounted-for presence…)

for the love of a stranger

that i can only hope to meet

the one that i’m leaving right now to find

and for the one who’ll find me first…

for the one who turns her back too soon

and the one who made a mistake

for the one who sees but can’t believe

and the one who’ll believe, doomed never see,

for the strangers with their loves

their wary, homeless loves,

forgive me, (forgive me!)

for looking too hard

for mistaking you often

for closing up too soon

for my fatigue

for my unsociable fear

for my not liking myself

i swear i swear i’m still in it, for you