“Now we come to the eldest son of the modern family… Dmitry Karamazov represents Russia directly…  Oh, like him, we are such a spontaneous, sincere people; we are such an amazing mix of good and evil; we love enlightenment and we love Schiller, but we also love to rage and storm in taverns and to tear out the beards of our drunken drinking companions.  Oh, we can behave in our ‘beautiful and sublime’ way, provided we are in the right mood!  Indeed we are even obsessed– yes, obsessed– with the most noble ideals if, that is, we happen to stumble upon such ideals by chance, if they fall into our laps from the sky, and as long as we don’t have to pay for them… Oh, just give us everything, everything that is good in life– for we won’t settle for less… do not interfere with our habits… our impulses… then we shall prove to you that we can be beautiful and good and sublime… we are not avaricious, no, but you must give us lots and lots of money, and then you will see how generous we are, and you will be able to admire the scorn with which we scatter the despicable metal to the winds in a wild, unrestrained revelry!”


I just finished the Brothers Karamazov:

“You know, boys,” Alyosha said, “you needn’t be afraid of life!  Life is so good when you do something that is good and just.”

“Let us first of all be kind and honest, and finally let us never forget one another!”