he comes to her hurt

with good things hidden from himself, yet obvious enough  she sees them and knows they can’t be ignored  so fascinated, she looks on when one day he looks up, sees her  and begins to recognize: good things  no longer hidden  captivated spread across her entire face.he attributes these good things to her, all the while deciding that he wants them for himself.  he now says that he wants her

perhaps she can give him what he wants, and it won’t be her self  after all, one can only give what may be received, and only what’s lost can be returned

say she leaves.  returns to the rest of the world  the one that exists all along  and he returns to the beauty of all that is lost.he becomes whole with absence again  he is the love-made thing he was, with entirely new things being lost for the first time  things that he comprehends might yet be returned  fading into the truth of always more things, what is, beautifully,

still hidden; when she succeeds, there are all of these things