this mind made war

being generous

this heart could dare)

unhearts can less


unminds must fear

because and why

what filth is here

unlives do cry


on him they shat

they shat encore

he laughed and spat

(this life could dare


freely to give

as gives a friend

not those who slave

unselves to lend


for hope of hope

must coo or boo

may strut or creep

ungenerous who


ape deftly aims

they dare not share)

such make their names

(this poet made war


whose naught and all

sun are and moon

come fair come foul

he goes alone


daring to dare

for joy of joy)

what stink is here

unpoets do cry


unfools unfree

undeaths who live

nor shall they be

and must they have


at him they fart

they fart full oft

(with mind with heart

he spat and laughed


with self with life

this poet arose

nor hate nor grief

can go where goes


this whyless soul

a loneliest road

who dares to stroll

almost this god


this surely dream

perhaps this ghost)

humbly and whom

for worst or best


(and proudly things

only which grow

and the rain’s wings

the birds of snow


things without name

beyond because

things over blame

things under praise


glad things or free

truly which live

always shall be

may never have)


do i salute

(by moon by sun

i deeply greet

this fool and man


     –ee cummings