“If I were to have a play put on in which women had roles, I would demand that these roles be performed by adolescent boys, and I would bring this to the attention of the spectators by means of a placard which would remain nailed to the left and right of the sets during the entire performance.” —Jean Genet

self who i know
i have always known and
will never know any better,
your simple map
is clearly impossible
sewn into a sleeve
and you have not grown an inch.
it would be funny to finally meet you
like one in a bar;
i would be nervous
and you would not look at me,
you would sit there; i know
i have always known
and you are no worse
than a beautiful woman.

it isn’t that godiva was beautiful
and naked, but
she straddled the horse
like a diagram
of people we could know:
not sexuality;
so far removed
from how we are to them, back
to how we are alone.
it is an image
we keep because it wouldn’t
make sense to anybody else.