they may ask and it’s still fine.
monument remains hulking
true to fear (no threat in sight),
assimilated in a glance
the unacceptably big
beyond observing: only more
organic wars.

otherwise, mind’s organized.
what won’t be swept is left, rips and stinks
when pulled, has no wheel
or track and there is no coaxing
towards a gutter deep enough.
morning woken it takes first hour.


nod head tip pupil spill
pool of ink to outline worlds.
start scraping, on a sheet
spread resin-dense leftover.
without so much as thought came challenging.
rolled to film, proven finite
opaque, blind curtain,
or braiding color with clarity
for flattering light. when is
time seen through last
mystery, it has been enough,
and to step back, to separate
would know enough,
move change.