how i spent my seven years bad luck:

do you even say goodbye?
i don’t understand you but i still think
good bye?
human is not trying. i watched a great actor in the part,
and he was horrible, at that part of human.
to try is failure caught in terror that
one can live without knowing
what it feels like to live and knowing how to act
is knowing what should be known falsely; things we must
be wrong about
are life; hunger feeds as hunger eats
and appearance is– whatever– i feel


Lamas sometimes introduce the view of Dzogchen by sending their students into the mountains to look for the mind. When they return, having not been able to locate consciousness in the brain, sensory organs, or external phenomena, the lama points out that not to find mind is to discover its true nature. For in that space– the openness between thoughts that can only be discovered experientially– lies the realization that to search outside ourselves is like trying to grasp flowing water…

–Ian Baker