UPDATE ON THIS POST: I wasn’t happy with the outcome of this project and it is no longer available through this link.  Perhaps I’ll find a way to improve upon it in the future.  5/10/14


For many years it has been my dream to create a photography book. I guess this started when I was 19 and I ordered Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places after returning home from six months adrift in my car. It seemed to make my strange and aimless journey important, or at least true. His large images of anonymous landscapes of the west helped me form my own definitions of exploration.

I finally made a book last fall, an extremely small edition printed expensively through a website, which was prompted by a trip I took into Utah’s Desolation Canyon. The trip involved hiking 20 miles to the homestead where my great-great-grandad built a ranch and hosted outlaws (like the Wild Bunch) and the sheriffs that hunted them alike. My great grandma was born there– and my grandpa, who is now in very poor health, always dreamed of visiting the spot but never made it. I put the pictures together for him, pictures of the ruined stone house and flowering cactus and lost canyons, so that he could leaf through them from his armchair and dream.

Now I made a second one. This one was a present for my mom. It is very much in the spirit of the tea cannery, mountain pictures and quotes mostly, and it’s called BILLION WORLD. If you’ve looked through a lot of the material on here you’d recognize quite a bit of it in there. I also figured out that I could offer it up for sale through the website.

As I’ve mentioned, the book is really quite expensive, that’s how the site makes money and whatever. But I’m putting the option out there. I ordered one for myself, of course, because I feel sure that a picture’s magic is unleashed on paper and not a screen. You can also preview the book on there in its entirety if you don’t feel up to buying it: