This is the effect, on fresh snow, of my neighbor warming up his diesel truck, which he drives everyday to campus. He warms it up for longer than it takes me to walk to campus. He does not, however, have a bumper sticker, like another pick-up along my walk, that says “I love the smell of diesel in the morning”.

Diesel Rules Everything Around Me (D.R.E.A.M.)

From “Thousands of Montanans Cannot Drink Or Cook With Tap Water Because of Oil Spill” (1/20/2015):

Glendive City Council member Gerald Reichert told the Grand Forks Herald that he didn’t believe the reports of odors coming from residents’ taps until he smelled it in his own home.

“Suddenly at our house there was a definite smell. It was a diesel smell,” Reichert said Monday afternoon.