The plague of Big Sky, Montana. In a photograph.


On watching your hometown turn into a tourism landscape: Lone Mountain as seen from the Spanish Peaks Wilderness.


Everything in our environment has been bought and sold. As middle-class Americans, we basically grew up on a movie set… About the only power you have is the power to discriminate. Living in a culture like this, you have to make choices, and search out what has the most authentic content or substance. In the 1960s, while on LSD, I realized that my mind was a garbage receptacle of mass media images and input…

Eventually, the yokels bought the hype, the pitch, they want in on the game. When there are no naive hicks left, you have a culture where everybody is conning each other all the time. There are no earnest “squares” left– everybody’s “hip,” everybody’s cynical.

–Robert Crumb