We can live any way we want… The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and plug into that pulse. This is yielding, not fighting. A weasel doesn’t “attack” anything; a weasel lives as he’s meant to, yielding at every moment to the perfect freedom of a single necessity.



Long-tailed weasel. Died of natural causes.


I would like to learn, or remember, how to live. I came to Hollins Pond not so much to learn to live as, frankly, to forget about it. That is, I don’t think I can learn from a wild animal how to live particular… but I might learn something of mindlessness, something of the purity of living in the physical senses and the dignity of the living, without bias or motive… and I suspect that for me the way is like the weasels: to open to time and death painlessly, noticing everything, remembering nothing, choosing the given with a fierce and pointed will.

–Annie Dillard